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Hookah Set with Everything 11'' 2 Hose Shisha Hookah Complete Set Mini Glass Pumpkin Vase


HOOKAH SET: Our hookah comes with 50 pcs disposable hookah tips & 50 pcs pr hookah aluminum foil, one pack of coils, one pack of tobacco and nicotine-free flavored Shisha, pumpkin shape bottom glass base, center shaft, stainless steel charcoal tray, ceramic hookah bowl, upgraded hookah hose(s), tongs and rubber seals.
EASY TO USE: Modern and stylish design make the hookah set easy to assemble and disassemble, the hookah can be cleaned easily to ensure different shisha flavor, easy to store making it the perfect hookah to enjoy at home and portable to carry around.
STURDY & FUNCTIONAL: The hookah size is 11" tall, 3.9" pumpkin shape base, 37" hookah hose, high-quality materials to enhance each part of our hookah to provide you the smooth and flavorful experience.
BUILT-IN BALL BEARING AIR PLUGS: Hose valves automatically stay closed when it's not in use.
PERFECT FOR ALL: The hookah works just as well as the larger ones and suitable for new and seasoned hookah lovers, a perfect gift for you and your friends.