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6PCS All Natural Homemade Bath Bombs Set


Bath Bombs Set is the best choice for skin care.
Our Kids Friendly bath bombs Set scents include Essential oils and Dried flowers like lavender, rose, green tea, Jasmine, pot marigold, and osmanthus, just to name a few, all with longer-lasting perfuming effects; experience a natural, colorful bath at the same time.
Bath Bombs Sets Ingredients:
Baking Soda(sodium bicarbonate), Citric Acid, Natural dried flowers, Olive oil, Epsom Salt, Essential oils, and Vitamin E.

Bath Bombs Sets Use Method:

1. Select Bath Bombs

2. Place in a tub filled one-half full with warm water

3. Gently swirl water with a hand to distribute Bath Bombs ingredients evenly through tub’s water

4. Soak and enjoy!

Bath Bombs Sets are all natural blends.

Please remove the product's transparent packaging before using the bath bombs.